Federation of Children’s Book Groups blog – on myths, magic and mayhem!

This month (May) is the Federation of Children’s Book Groups’ National Share-A-Story Month – an annual celebration of the power of storytelling and story sharing, aimed at bringing children and stories together.

This year’s theme is ‘myths, magic and mayhem’ – which just happen to be three of my favourite subjects so I was thrilled when the Federation invited me to write a guest blog exploring how my book Saturdays at the Imaginarium is full of all three!

In the blog, I ponder things like… what exactly is the imagination? What did Einstein have to say about it? How do the stories we tell ourselves become our own ‘personal myths’? And how might we use our imaginations to tell better stories and create more magic, and less mayhem, in our own and others’ lives?

Here it is: Welcome to the imagination – where myths, magic and mayhem collide

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