80 Books to Help Children Nurture Good Mental Health

‘Buy books, change lives’ is more than just a tagline on the brilliant website LoveReading4Kids. The site’s online bookstore offers 10% off RRPs and gives 25% of the cover price of all books sold to a school of your choice to buy more books!

I’m thrilled to have my new book, You Are Not Alone, featured on the site. It was recently reviewed by Tricia Adams, and is also included in the site’s 2023 list of 80 Books to Help Children Nurture Good Mental Health.

“Striking, beautiful and full of grace,” writes Tricia, “the sort of book that should be available in every secondary school and classroom – as so many young adults now are experiencing such a downturn in mental health issues – to know someone is out there who understands and who can help you express these thoughts will benefit many.”

Thanks so much Tricia!

Read Tricia’s full review here – and, if you’re thinking of buying the book, LoveReading4Kids is a great place to shop.


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