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Here you can find out about me, my poems for young people and the books they appear in.

I’m fascinated by the human mind and I love to explore all kinds of things about how we humans think and feel. How does what we think affect how we feel and how we behave? What makes us feel happy or scared or kind or mean? Do our feelings feel the same for all of us or are they different?  How does the way we feel about ourselves affect how we treat other people and the world around us? Why does it sometimes seem hard to think positively about ourselves or even be ourselves? And how might we use our minds wisely to thrive and take good care of each other and our world?

New book

Illustrated by Jude Wisdom. Published by Troika.

Imaginarium extras

Discover a handful of ideas and exercises based on some of the poems in the book.

‘A beautiful balancing act of the surreal and the graspable, the everyday and the out-of-sight in-the-mind. And always there’s a light in the window to guide you to a home you never imagined before.A.F. Harrold

‘An astounding collection from one of the best imaginators around. You’ll want to stay in the Imaginarium until bedtime. And maybe have a sleepover too.’  Roger Stevens

‘A much-anticipated debut collection and it doesn’t disappoint. Shauna’s poems are confident, persuasive and mischievous. They’ll grab your attention and lead you into worlds you never quite knew existed.’  Rachel Rooney