Saturdays at the Imaginarium

Written by Shauna Darling Robertson   |   Illustrated by Jude Wisdom

Published by Troika   |   October 2020
Paperback   |   £7.99   |   96pp   |   ISBN 978-1-912745-12-8

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‘Shauna’s poems are confident, persuasive and mischievous. They’ll grab your attention and lead you into worlds you never quite knew existed.’ – Rachel Rooney

‘An astounding collection from one of the best imaginators around. You’ll want to stay in the Imaginarium until bedtime. And maybe have a sleepover too.’ – Roger Stevens

‘An adventure into a world that feels like an echo of a memory of a painting or novel by Leonora Carrington. It’s a beautiful balancing act of the surreal and the graspable, the everyday and the out-of-sight in-the-mind. It’s a tricky thing to do, that balancing act, but Robertson’s poems never fall into obscurity, always there’s a light in the window to guide you to a home you never imagined before, peopled by Wisdom’s friendly big-eyed strangers. There’s a story told about an exhibition in which a woman worried by one of Whistler’s paintings said to the artist, “Sir, I don’t see trees like that,” to which he replied, “Ah, but don’t you wish you did?” That’s how this book makes me feel – wishing I did, and happy to have the chance.’ – A.F. Harrold

Want a sneak preview?

Coming in 2021

I’m delighted to have received support from Arts Council England for my next book, due for publication with Troika in 2021. It’s a poetry collection that explores different aspects of mental health and emotional wellbeing and it’s being written with teenagers and young adults in mind.


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