About Shauna

I was born (at a very young age) in Northumberland in the north-east of England. These days you can find me in Somerset in the south-west. In between I travelled around a bit and also lived in London for quite a long time.

I’ve done lots of different jobs over the years – I’ve worked in libraries, in restaurants, for the government, on a bicycle, in publishing, on websites, in charities, in France and Thailand, in universities, for travel companies and more.

As a child I wrote poems and stories, and then for a long time I didn’t – until around my mid-30s when I suddenly started writing again. Maybe some day when we know each other a little better, I’ll tell you how that came about.

Since then, my poems for adults and children have been published in a bunch of books and magazines. I’m proud to say they’ve even won, or been shortlisted for, one or two awards here and there. They’ve also been performed by actors, displayed on buses, used as song lyrics, made into short films and turned into comic art.

It’s really exciting to be involved in poetry at a time when people are experimenting with what poetry is and what it can be and do. I particularly love working with other writers, visual artists, musicians and performers – actually, anyone who’s up for it – to explore all kinds of different ways of making and sharing poetry. 

A few other things

Two kids, 12 questions
Nina (7) and Sebastian (9) fire a few questions my way and I do my best to answer them.

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Roger Stevens interviews me for The Poetry Zone webzine.

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Shauna Darling Robertson 
My author page on my publisher Troika’s website.

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