“Fabulous wonderings and reflections”: North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award review of the Imaginarium

“An imaginarium is a ‘place devoted to the imagination’ – an excellent way of describing this creative and thought-provoking collection of poems. All manner of ideas and thoughts are explored here in a seemingly random collection of fabulous wonderings and reflections,” says the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award of Saturdays at the Imaginarium.

“There are so many poems worth commenting on, pondering over and enjoying. Some are very direct, written almost as a challenge, whilst others are softer, like whispers. All are enjoyable and engaging.”

“The poems play with words and ideas, often honing in on the everyday, but considering them with a quirky eye and plenty of originality.”

“There are illustrations throughout in black and white by Jude Wisdom and a delightful colour spread in the centre. These are as imaginative as the poems!”

Saturdays at the Imaginarium is a wonderful collection of poems to explore again and again.”

Read the review in full here on the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award blog.

Buy the book online now at bookshop.org (the online bookshop whose proceeds to go to local, independent booksellers).

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