Meet the authors and shape poems in ‘Shaping the World’ – book launch 22 April

Have you ever wondered how antibiotics were discovered, when the first woman went to space, why people love Shakespeare, or who invented sliced bread?

Shaping the World is a brand new gift anthology collated by Liz Brownlee and published by Macmillan, containing forty incredible shape poems in the shape of world shapers! Learn about about Amelia Earhart in a poem shaped like a plane, Maya Angelou in a poem shaped like a bird or Francis Drake in a poem shaped like a ship. Each poem is paired with a biography, quote and fascinating fact.

Join us for the Zoom launch on 22 April, 9.30-10.30am

Come and hear the poets in Shaping World read their own poems, and see the amazing shapes made out of the poems’ words! Poets include Dom Conlon, Jan Dean, John Dougherty, Matt Goodfellow, Sue Hardy-Dawson, Shauna Darling Roberston, Roger Stevens, Myles McLeod, Cheryl Moskowitz, Laura Mucha, Chitra Soundar, Kate Wakeling, and Liz Brownlee, hosted by Myles McLeod and Macmillan’s wonderful Gaby Morgan.

The event is free. Book your place now at

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