Ian Eagleton invites me to The Reading Realm for a chat

Big thanks to Ian Eagleton at The Reading Realm for inviting me over for a virtual chat about my book Saturdays at the Imaginarium.

I really enjoyed the interview. Ian had some really interesting questions, like…

  • In a fast-moving world, have we lost the ability to sit back and imagine?
  • Can you tell us a bit more about the poem ‘The Dreamcatcher’ – it’s so magical and haunting?
  • I enjoyed all the different types of poems in the collection and finding out what a liwuli is! Do you have a favourite type of poem?
  • I was fascinated by A Matter of [      ] as a way to get children playing with word choices! If I was a teacher and wanted to use a similar structure in class, how would I go about doing it?

Hop over to The Reading Realm for more questions (and all of the answers), plus a whole host of other author interviews, book reviews, resources – and more!

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