“A fantastic work in every conceivable way”: Poetry Roundabout reviews the Imaginarium

“Step out of your daily grind and into Shauna’s imaginarium – where humdrum is injected with colour, feelings and emotions with clarity, and empathy is just how and where you need it to be,” writes Liz Brownlee in her review of Saturdays at the Imaginarium for PoetryRoundabout.com.

“You know those somethings you catch out of the corner of your eye but which disappear when you try to look them in the face? Here they are pinned down and given names.”

“This book is brimful of fantastical reality, a universe of exploration into worlds of words; words that float and sink and climb and swing, beckon, entice, challenge and sing. Exciting words, gentling words, lit along their paths with Shauna’s delightful sense of humour.”

“This is a fantastic work in every conceivable way, and what is more inside its covers I have found what is in my opinion THE PERFECT POEM – but you can count on finding your own perfect poem there, too.”

“Published by Troika and beautifully illustrated by Jude Wisdom, this is definitely a winner for the classroom and home – HIGHLY recommended!”

Read Liz’ review (and discover which is her ‘perfect’ poem – thank you Liz, so kind!) here on the PoetryRoundabout.com

Buy the book online now at bookshop.org (the online bookshop whose proceeds to go to local, independent booksellers).

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