“There are gems to be discovered”: Books for Keeps reviews Saturdays at the Imaginarium




Huge thanks to reviewer Ferelith Hordon at the brilliant children’s book magazine Books for Keeps for their lovely ‘five stars’ review of Saturdays at the Imaginarium!

Here’s a few extracts –

“Welcome to Shauna Darling Robertson’s Imaginarium where she will introduce you to ideas, questions, possibilities that should not be… In other words she will excite your imagination exploring the ordinary so that it becomes extraordinary, playing with words, looking at the world sideways.”

“This is a collection to dip into and have the imagination fired up, tickled into life, curiosity roused to ask those questions that hover at the edge of the mind as one looks at the sky or hears a casual catch-phrase. These poems are fun – and yet offer serious thoughts. Imagine if… she says in the opening poem, and we are faced with seeing the strangeness, the absurdity of the real.”

“Accompanying her words are the illustrations by Jude Wisdom. Nothing twee or poetical here. Her contemporary vision perfectly captures the strangeness of the imagination as well as the humour within the poems.”

“There are gems to be discovered here. This is Shauna Darling Robertson’s first collection for a younger audience. We look forward to more.”

You can read the review in full online at www.booksforkeeps.co.uk

And you can grab your own copy online from bookshop.org (the online bookshop whose proceeds to go to local, independent booksellers).

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