‘Carter’s Originals’: four songs on Roger Stevens’ latest album

Roger Stevens is, as well as a much-loved children’s poet,  a songwriter and musician who brings to his work a combination of thoughtful lyrics, good melodies and more than a dash of humour.

Roger performs and records his songs and has a number of albums out on CD, the latest of which I’m delighted to have collaborated on, having written the lyrics to four songs.

Carter’s Originals was recorded in Brighton and features Terry Carter, Alison Fenn Carter and Ali Gavan, as well as Roger himself. The album has a wonderfully bluesy sound with a very ‘live’ feel, even though it’s a studio recording.

More details of Roger’s albums at www.rogerstevensshop.com. You can listen to sample tracks on rogerstevens.bandcamp.com/music 

Roger Stevens plays at the launch of Carter’s Originals (photo credit: Carol Hibbert)
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