‘Don’t’: new poem on Charles Causley Trust Blog ‘The Maker’

This November, The Charles Causley Trust is featuring a series of poems written for children on its blog ‘The Maker’.

The month kicked off with an article on the man himself, and his ability to write accessible but unpatronising poetry for younger audiences: Rhythm, Rhyme and Form: How Causley Changed Poetry Writing for Kids

I popped up on 28th, with a new poem, ‘Don’t’ – dedicated to anyone and everyone who doesn’t like to be pushed around! Here it is: causleytrust.org/blog/shauna-darling-robertson-dont 

The series also features poems from Sarah Ziman, Rhona Stephens. Rob Walton, Andy Nuttall, Hilary Elder, Jacqueline Shirtlff, Annie Fisher, Michele Manning and Stewart Ennis.

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