Ten Troika Poets Collaborate for National Poetry Day 2021

National Poetry Day 2021 is almost here (7 October) and I’m excited to share with you some fun, creative and educational children’s resources that a bunch of poets at publisher Troika have been working on!

Ten of us have collaborated on creating poems based around this year’s theme of ‘choice’. The poems are accompanied by a great resource pack full of creative and thought-provoking ideas aimed at children around KS2.

Developed with teachers, librarians and parents in mind, the resource is free to download, use and adapt for your own purposes. It’s also accompanied by a video of all ten poets performing our poems.

The poets are (A-Z): Ed Boxall, Dom Conlon, Shauna Darling Robertson, Sue Hardy-Dawson, Trevor Millum, Brian Moses, Coral Rumble, Zaro Weil, Bernard Young and Neal Zetter.

You can find all of this in either / both of two places – on the National Poetry Day blog and on Troika’s blog.

We hope you enjoy them!

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