Poetry Zone review of Saturdays at the Imaginarium

It’s a really lovely feeling when a reader or reviewer spots something in your writing, something you realise you felt in your heart all along but didn’t consciously know was there until they pointed it out!

Big thanks, then, to Roger Stevens and the folks at Poetry Zone for their recent review of Saturdays at the Imaginarium.

Here’s the ‘spot’ –

“If you ask me, the role she really enjoys is sitting on your shoulder and quietly murmuring advice and devices for coping with what the world can throw at you while you’re still growing up.”

I love that! I used to say to my kid sister that we should all be born with some kind of warm and wise creature on our shoulder to whisper encouragement and advice when life gets tricky, so it’s really cool to know that someone out there felt that way for a moment while reading my book!

You can read the full review, and discover a whole heap of fun poetry-related stuff, over at poetryzone.co.uk. If you’re the curious sort, you’ll also find interviews with lots of children’s poets (including me) in the Poets Talk section.

Oh and you can buy a copy of the book online at bookshop.org (the online bookshop whose proceeds to go to local, independent booksellers).

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