Poetry films for adults

Most of these poetry films were made as part of the Arts Council England-funded Poetry Film Collective, run by Helen Dewbery and Chaucer Cameron (poetryfilmlive.com). Several were screened at a number of Adventures in Poetry Film events in the south-west of England, and some have been shown at the 7th International Video Poetry festival in Athens, the Renaissance Festival in Nyora, Australia, the Bristol Poetry Festival,  the Newlyn International Short Film Festival, the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival in Berlin and the REELpoetry Festival in Houston, Texas.

On the Ills of Smoking

A tribute to one of my favourite writers, the Russian absurdist poet and dramatist Dannil Kharms.


Most of us feel like an outsider at some point or another. Is that necessarily a bad thing?

Welcome to the Crush Zone

A found film poem made from words and street art found in my current home town of Frome in Somerset (UK).

People Hide Their Love

My first stab at making a film using a poem written by someone else (in this case a Chinese emperor!).


‘Quiet’ was originally a children’s puzzle poem which was later repurposed into this short film.


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