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“A chapbook is a small collection of poetry, generally no more than 40 pages, that often centers on a specific theme, such as exotic foods or wild animals or Justin Bieber.”
– Writers’ Digest.

Sorry, no exotic foods or Justin Bieber here (but maybe some wild animals). Drop me a line if you’d like a signed copy of either chapbook.

Love Bites

Dancing Girl Press, 2019

“During an average kiss
40,000 parasites are transmitted along with nine milligrams of water, some fat, protein, salt
and 250 species of bacteria.
Love explains this
each time we embrace.
It makes him feel heroic.”

Blueprints for A Minefield

Fair Acre Press, 2016

“In these emotive reflections on modern relationships, the formal range – from sestina to prose poem to playscript to Oulipo-inspired textual experiment – is dazzling.”  – Jonathan Edwards, 2014 Costa Book Award winner 

“full of standout poems – sometimes heartbreaking, often funny…” – James O’Leary, Sabotage Reviews



Some of my poems and poem-pictures appear in these anthologies.

in George Szirtes and Andy Jackson (eds).
The Call of the Clerihew
Smokestack Books, 2019


‘Everything That Can Happen’
in Suzannah Evans and Tom Sastry (eds).
Everything That Can Happen: Poems about the Future.
The Emma Press, 2019


‘The Fish Without a Bicycle’
in Anja Konig and Liane Strauss (eds).
Some Cannot Be Caught: The Emma Press Book of Beasts
The Emma Press, 2018


in Maggie Smith (ed).
The Best New British and Irish Poets.
Eyewear, 2018


‘Unexpected Items’ & ‘Before the Birds Took Off’
in Nadia Kingsley (ed).
Diversifly: Poetry and Art on Britain’s Urban Birds.
Fair Acre Press, 2018


‘The Noonday Devil’
in Rachel Piercey & Emma Wright (eds). 
The Emma Press Anthology of Love. 
The Emma Press, 2018


‘CCC’, ‘Death and Sex’, ‘I Hate and Love’ & ‘Shades of Canus and Schistaceus’ (poem-pictures)
in Kirsten Irving & Jon Stone &  (eds).
Bad Kid Catallus. 
Sidekick Books, 2017


‘I Don’t Know, Frank’, ‘In My Dreams’ & ‘This Is for You’ (poem-pictures)
in Kirsten Irving & Jon Stone (eds).
Sidekick Books, 2017


‘Things Behind the Barn’
in Kate Garrett & Robert de Born (eds).
Picaroon Poetry, 2017


‘Rebel / Cause’
in Live Canon International Poetry Prize Anthology 2016.
Live Canon, London, 2016


‘What Are You Doing?’ (poem-picture)
in Chrissy Williams & Tom Humberstone (eds).
Over The Line: An Introduction To Poetry Comics.
Sidekick Books, London, 2015


‘Look At Me Leonard’
in Jack Locke (ed).
Leonard Cohen You’re Our Man: 75 poets reflect on the poetry of Leonard Cohen.
Foundation for Public Poetry, Montreal, 2009

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