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Dear Stars

“Dear Stars,
We lived among you once.
It was brilliant.”

Wild Child

Child, were you born in a field?
Yes, and then brought up by


“I wish, more than anything else in the world
that my grandad was an octopus.”

Open Wide

“Imagine if swallowing
were real.”

The Poetry Guerrilla

“That morning
the world work up
to poetry.”





Audio music credits


  • Dear Stars: ‘Glacier Bells’ by Daniel Birch.
  • Wild Child: ‘Energy Revitalised’ by Daniel Birch.
  • Troubled: ‘Going Wrong’ by Moby subject to non-commercial non-exclusive license agreement.
  • Open Wide: ‘New Ideas’ by Roman Cano.
  • The Poetry Guerrilla: ‘Spooky Pumpkins’ by Audiocalm, ‘Sneaky Adventure’, ‘Sneaky Snitch’ & ‘Hidden Agenda’ by Kevin MacLeod (